• Telecoms for Healthcare

    What if hospitals could use video-conferencing to check with post-op patients at home? What if smartphones could monitor the vitals of at-risk patients & alert doctors with early … READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – The Finish Line

    So last day started with beautiful sunshine; we were excited and ready for the off.

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 3 – Poitiers...

    We woke this morning to pouring rain. We went to McD’s for breakfast but it didn’t open until 9.00 am and their muffins are not as good as … READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 2 – Calais to...

    It’s the end of the second day of the Benidorm or Bust Rally. We had a number of fun challenges which included: finding a limo in a 3,500 space … READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 2 Begins

    It’s the morning of the second day of the Benidorm or Bust Rally and, after a long wait for a ferry and then a perilous crossing of the English … READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 1

    It’s the eve of the first day of the Benidorm or Bust Rally and it’s been quite a day. The rally started out in Blackpool this morning. We … READ MORE

  • 5 Ways Agent Mobility Will Improve Your Contact Centre...

    Information on how mobility is the new secret weapon of contact & call centres. Unify provides a number of interesting white papers. On occasion, however, these white papers … READ MORE

  • World’s Most Sponsored Car – Youngest...

    Support for the charity World Record Attempt for the World’s Most Sponsored Car has been coming thick & fast with some of the youngest donors adding their names … READ MORE

  • World’s Most Sponsored Car – We’ve...

    In their bid to become the world’s most sponsored car, Roger Collings & Brian Taylor have already exceeded their target of raising £1,000 of charitable donations for both … READ MORE

  • Case Studies

    If you would like to know more about how we might be able to meet your needs, see how we’ve helped
    similar companies in our case studies

    • Paul Hughes

      Winham Hughes

      ”How simple advice saved a growing firm £7,000 in upgrades, increased the hours that fee-earners could bill by 17% and cut call costs by 62%...“

    • Harley Davidson Garage – Uppingham

      ”How we replaced an expensive & unreliable system reduced line rental costs by £1,200 per annum & call costs by £2,400 per annum....“

    • Taylors (Estate Agent)

      ”How a client-focused service saved a growing Estate Agents £500 per annum in line rentals and £3,000 per annum in call costs, leaving them with a...“


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