• How Unified Communications can increase productivity

    This post will explain how Unified Communications (UC) can be used to increase productivity.  ... READ MORE

  • Summary of the Global Unified Communication and...

    Research and markets have released a report entitled “Global Unified Communication and Collaboration Market 2016-2020.”... READ MORE

  • An Ofcom project to monitor rural internet speeds and...

    Here is some news of an important and interesting project that Ofcom are running which we would like to share with you all.... READ MORE

  • Making Unified Communications work (properly)

    This blog has so far had a lot to say about Unified Communications (UC). UC communications are great and we stand by our comments about how they can... READ MORE

  • Telco exit: how will leaving the EU will affect the...

    It happened. This morning, it was announced that Britain had voted to leave the European Union (EU) after 43 years of being a member of the European Union... READ MORE

  • Case study: unified communications in education

    Budgets are tight, so why should your school or college invest in Unified Communications. Well, here are a few reasons you might want to consider…... READ MORE

  • Ignacio Berberana’s views on the launch of 5G

    In an interview with, Ignacio Berberana, Innovation Manager at the Radio Access Division at Telefonica’s Global CTO team, explained why he is cautious about the development and... READ MORE

  • EU to impose new rules about net neutrality

    The new regulatory guidelines published by the European Union state that telecoms operators will have to justify giving priority to certain services on their network.... READ MORE

  • The government wants your views on broadband access for...

    The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are seeking the views of businesses on how the UK can improve superfast broadband access for businesses. The review focuses on:... READ MORE

  • Case Studies

    If you would like to know more about how we might be able to meet your needs, see how we’ve helped
    similar companies in our case studies

    • Harley Davidson Garage – Uppingham

      ”How we replaced an expensive & unreliable system reduced line rental costs by £1,200 per annum & call costs by £2,400 per annum....“

    • Ian Catterill

      How the Hydro Made Better Management Decisions

      ”Hotels can generate logistical challenges like no other business. Increasing staff availability to guests & improving efficiency are goals that hotels can achieve when choosing the...“

    • Ian Broom

      How a Grant Gave Weboo 7% More Billable Hours

      ”Weboo's work with large files & its reliance on the Internet caused bottlenecks that a £3,000 Superfast Broadband grant solved immediately....“


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