• What is the Broadband Grant Scheme?

    The broadband grant scheme, commonly known as the Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme is an initiative to help businesses get better, faster broadband for their business. The scheme is... READ MORE

  • Can I get a Superfast Broadband Grant?

    Your business can get a connection voucher of up to £3,000 for faster, better broadband through the Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme. The scheme is active in 50 cities across the UK.... READ MORE

  • Unified Communications in Higher Education

    As part of our series outlining telephone systems for schools & the communications requirements of educational & higher educational establishments, this article & its associated whitepaper looks at... READ MORE

  • Telecoms for Healthcare

    What if hospitals could use video-conferencing to check with post-op patients at home? What if smartphones could monitor the vitals of at-risk patients & alert doctors with early... READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – The Finish Line

    So last day started with beautiful sunshine; we were excited and ready for the off.... READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 3 – Poitiers...

    We woke this morning to pouring rain. We went to McD’s for breakfast but it didn’t open until 9.00 am and their muffins are not as good as... READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 2 – Calais to...

    It’s the end of the second day of the Benidorm or Bust Rally. We had a number of fun challenges which included: finding a limo in a 3,500 space... READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 2 Begins

    It’s the morning of the second day of the Benidorm or Bust Rally and, after a long wait for a ferry and then a perilous crossing of the English... READ MORE

  • Benidorm or Bust Diary – Day 1

    It’s the eve of the first day of the Benidorm or Bust Rally and it’s been quite a day. The rally started out in Blackpool this morning. We... READ MORE

  • Case Studies

    If you would like to know more about how we might be able to meet your needs, see how we’ve helped
    similar companies in our case studies

    • Taylors (Estate Agent)

      ”How a client-focused service saved a growing Estate Agents £500 per annum in line rentals and £3,000 per annum in call costs, leaving them with a...“

    • Harley Davidson Garage – Uppingham

      ”How we replaced an expensive & unreliable system reduced line rental costs by £1,200 per annum & call costs by £2,400 per annum....“

    • Paul Hughes

      Winham Hughes

      ”How simple advice saved a growing firm £7,000 in upgrades, increased the hours that fee-earners could bill by 17% and cut call costs by 62%...“


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