Company History.

Founded in 1999, when the use of the Internet was beginning its growth into small & medium sized businesses, RDC Communications came into being at the dawn of the telecomms revolution.

Consider the picture

  • In 1974, answering machines were sold for thousands of pounds to large businesses with 15-year leases
  • There was a telecommunications monopoly in the UK up to 1983
  • Deregulation began the process of the democratisation of the telecoms industry but there was little real competition in the early years. Mercury, BTs most significant alternative, won significant market share but it was the only real competitor and this oligopoly prevented prices from falling for customers
  • In 1993, the UKs first commercial internet provider provided internet services to just 150 business sites commanding a significant premium.
  • In 1998, ADSL speeds were about one third of T1 speeds but prices were 1 thirtieth of the cost (we were beginning to recognise that businesses could get high-speed broadband for a tenth of the cost of the old T1 network). Things were about to change…

Into this picture came RDC Communications

The company recognisied that a profitable business could be made by breaking with the past. Businesses could do more communicating more cheaply. The growing backbone for Internet & telecommunications meant that there was an environment in which businesses could be offered a better deal. RDC Communications ensured that businesses began to demand a better deal.

How the times have changed

  • In 2004, one broadband connection was being created every 10 seconds
  • Greater competition in the market has led to a reduction of call costs by 80% since 1999
  • The integration of new digital infrastructure (fibre optics & SIP trunks) has made VoIP telephony a reality for small businesses, reducing line rental & call costs

Where we are now

With its philosophy of championing cost savings for small & medium sized businesses, RDC Communications has developed into one of the largest business telephone systems companies in the Midlands. They have grown with excellence was well as with turnover, becoming the only Siemens accredited partner in the Midlands and, more recently accredited partners for Unify, Mitel & LE Ericsson.

To further the cause of cost savings, RDC Communications work closely with ESPO, the one of the largest public sector procurement arms serving the education sector, local authorities, central government, the NHS & the third sector.

Friendship. Integrity. Reliability.
It’s not old-fashioned, just good old-fashioned business sense.

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