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HiPath OpenOffice MX

HiPath OpenOffice MX

HiPath OpenOffice MX



A total solution package that comes with a whole host of

cool new features with V.9:

Dial Direct from My Portal

New enhanced My Portal for Tablets and Smartphone

Support to outlook 2010

Enhanced integration to external databases

To view download of all features of Siemens OpenOffice MX:-

Simply register on our home page & then log on to the download area as many times as you wish! 


Lets everyone set their availability so you’ll know if someone is in a meeting, on a phone call, when they’ll become available and the best way to contact them. If you’re out of the office you can even update your availability via your phone.


Call Me! - For the occasional homeworker

Even permanently office based staff may find it necessary to work from home sometimes. Call Me! Lets anyone in your company turn any phone, anywhere,

into their work phone for as long as they want – and you pay the same call rates as you would if they were working in your office.


Microsoft OutlookTM Plug-in

Because HiPath OpenOffice integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook‘,

everyone can access all their communications via a single screen. Email,

voicemail, fax and instant messages can be viewed, managed and answered from the familiar Outlook screen they use every day.


Live Call Recording

Record important calls to review afterwards, so you can give the caller your full




ONE directory that brings ALL your contacts together.


·         Favorites List

·         Voice Message Box

·         Conference Management

·         Fax Message Box

·         Personal Call Journal

·         Status Related One Number Service

·         Personal Notifications

·         Info Status Pops

·         Personal Auto Attendant

·         Attendant Console

·         Dial from Any Desktop Application

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