Case Study: How Kinamo got a £3,000 Broadband Grant.

"I would say to anybody organisation considering getting a connection voucher that it's really a no-brainer..."

The Situation

Kinamo are a video production house servicing clients that include Saatchi & Saatchi & Apple.

The company’s sole means of delivery of their service to their client is digitally. All of the work they perform becomes digital & is sent to clients through the Internet.

In early 2015, the company moved address & broadband speed was a limiting factor to the business that needed to be resolved.

Kinamo’s business means that it is constantly uploading videos for its clients to review & uploading again after each new round of editorial changes has been made. That’s huge amounts of video data each week. “Our reaction time has to be really quick,” explains Kinamo’s other co-founder Phil Doherty

The Client's Objectives

Kinamo’s objectives were:

  • To ensure that digital files could be uploaded quickly, a real bottleneck for a company working with large digital files
  • To have guaranteed speed & security in their broadband service

The Timing

Grant-funded work is extremely easy. Kinamo received a quote from their telecoms provider for the work & filled out the online form on the same day. Kinamo received a follow-up call on the same day.

3 weeks from the initial quote, the new service went live.

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The solution was simple, a fibre broadband connection with particular attention paid to upload speeds, a particular problem with design companies working with large files.

Kinamo’s measures for success were simple:

  • Improved broadband speed
  • Increased upload speeds
  • A dramatic reduction in the man hours spent uploading files
  • Guaranteed speed & security

The work was undertaken by Kinamo’s provider, Optimity and was undertaken within three weeks.

The benefits of the grant
The Kinamo team
Kinamo's Work
The Value to the Customer

Here's how Kinamo benefited from the broadband grant:

The guaranteed speed and security has given the company’s directors the platform from which to plan Kinamo’s development. There’s a strong flow of repeat business from an increasingly impressive roster of clients.

The value to the company was realised in the following ways:

  • Reduced time of valuable staff spent uploading (the company can now upload in 10 minutes what took 8 hours before)
  • The ability to offer a better service to some of the largest & most demanding companies in the UK and to win repeat business as a result
  • £3,000 in a non-repayable grant towards the costs of the setup & running of superfast broadband
  • More time to react to customer changes & to improve the product & service on offer

”A £3,000 voucher may not sound much but it was a really helpful sum of cash.“

Jake Powley - How Kinamo got a £3,000 Broadband Grant

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