Case Study: How the Hydro Made Better Management Decisions.

Hotels can generate logistical challenges like no other business. Increasing staff availability to guests & improving efficiency are goals that hotels can achieve when choosing the right system.

The Situation

The Hydro Hotel was built as a water cure hotel in the late 19th century. It is an elegant Victorian hotel with views over Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

The hotel has over 80 bedrooms, spa & leisure facilities & a conference centre catering to 200 delegates.

The hotel employs over 50 members of staff & is part of a chain of 3 sister hotels.

The hotel was going through the process of major
refurbishment and was looking for a new communications solution that could overhaul their everyday processes, including:

  • Improving efficiency – with their existing system, the simplest tasks were taking far too long to complete
  • Making it quicker and easier for staff to communicate and collaborate internally
  • The ability to record calls or see where calls had been missed
  • The hotel had identified that business was being lost through missed calls or calls not being answered due to all lines being
    in use
  • Increase margin through more direct bookings secured by phone or web enquiries

The Client's Objectives

The Hydro’s objectives were:

  • Reduced completion time for tasks across the board
  • Faster response times of staff to calls
  • Call recording & missed call alerts to increase booking volumes
  • Increased call-handling capacity
  • Increased margin through more direct bookings secured by phone or web enquiries
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The solution for the Hydro was to use an Ericsson-LG iPECS UCP600 system and to install CAT 5 Cabling. This was chosen because it was:

  • The iPECS solution would enable the Hotel staff to work more efficiently
    and communicate better, leading to better & faster guest service
  • iCall Suite would allow the hotel to produce proactive reports & chase up
    missed calls, leading to an increase in business
  • The system would provide simple integration with the Hotel’s PMS software, Guestline
  • The system’s Hospitality Console would the Front of House team with
    faster processing of key activities such as guest check-in & room
    status which would lead to direct improvements in guest satisfaction and
    cost reduction
  • The General Manager would be able to operate the Hydro Hotel & its sister hotel, the Samlesbury in Preston, using the UCS mobile application on his smartphone, reducing the need for unnecessary travel & expensive call charges

The Hydro’s measures for success were:

  • Reduced completion time for tasks across the board – measured through internal management processes
  • Faster response times of staff to calls – measured through system logs
  • Call recording & missed call alerts to increase booking volumes – measured through call-logging software & the hotel’s bookings system
  • Increased call-handling capacity – measured by the system
  • Increased margin – through more direct bookings secured by phone or web enquiries – measured in the hotel’s management accounts

The work undertaken was to:

  • Install the system
  • Install the iCall suite
  • Implement call recording
  • Install a hospitality console in reception
  • Install 86 extensions in bedrooms & in 6 conference rooms
  • Installing 8 IP phones around the hotel for staff to be contacted at designated communication points
  • Providing 10 WiFi handsets for night porters
The Value to the Customer

There were a number of ways in which this system provided value to Royal Victoria. It gave them:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Increased staff responsiveness
  • Increased booking – call recording enabled procedures to be put in pace in order to maximise the hotel’s bookings and improve the conversion rate of calls to bookings
  • Increased call-handling capacity – the system’s flexibility meant that calls were no longer given the engaged tone and, even if they couldn’t be answered, they were logged as missed & followed-up
  • Increased margins – there was an increase in direct bookings secured by phone or web enquiries

”The iPECS solution has empowered me and my team to take a more proactive approach to the day to day running of the Hotel. The ability to pull off simple reports has really helped the Management team to get a much clearer overall picture of how the business is doing and see where improvements can be made.“

Ian Catterill - How the Hydro Made Better Management Decisions

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