SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking is telecoms speak for phone lines. Instead of having phone lines, you now have SIP trunks.

The savings from SIP trunking can be huge - you can save up to £400 per line per year through reduced line rental & call costs.

Benefits of SIP Trunking - The Headlines

  • 75% saving on line rental costs for small businesses 
  • 60% saving on line rental costs for larger businesses
  • Quicker, cheaper and more flexible in adding or removing line capacity
  • Free calls between offices
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Immediate disaster recovery

Benefits of SIP Trunking - The Details

75% saving on line rental costs for small businesses 

BTs line rental costs for small businesses (commonly called ISDN 2) are £23.88 per line per month compared to £6 per month for robust SIP trunking. It is important for small businesses to remember that robust broadband is needed for SIP trunking to work well and to advise that a saving of 60% on line rentals is more realistic for small businesses.

60% saving on line rental costs for larger businesses

BTs line rental costs for larger businesses (commonly called ISDN 30) are £23.43 per month for an annual contract compared to £6 per month for SIP trunking.

Quicker, cheaper and more flexible in adding or removing line capacity

Lines do not have to be purchased in groups. As your business grows you can purchase these lines individually and as your needs change or if the number of lines you need is reduced, you can easily reduce your capacity.

Free calls between offices

For businesses with multiple sites, SIP is an easy choice. Calls can be transferred between sites with no cost.

Guaranteed savings

If you are paying line rental at the moment, we can guarantee you savings – it’s not theoretical

Immediate disaster recovery

If disaster happens, it doesn’t need to cost you your business. We will setup a disaster recovery plan to reroute your numbers in the event of a problem, ensuring business continuity. SIP enables numbers to be quickly and easily diverted.

Why Would You Choose Us?

There are many reasons why RDC Communications offer the best and most well thought-out SIP trunking service in the UK. These include:

  • Consultation – SIP trunking is great – it can lead to massive savings. However, if your business doesn’t have a robust Internet connection, the experience will be needlessly frustrating. We insist in consulting on this beforehand in order to ensure that you not only save money but get the best possible service from your calls.
  • Government grant scheme – RDC Communications have partnered with the government’s Superfast Britain scheme and are able to offer a grant of up to £3,000 to eligible businesses within 50 cities that want to take advantage of superfast broadband in order to improve their telecoms infrastructure and upgrade to SIP
  • Installing new systems at no extra cost – because the savings from SIP can be so huge, we can help businesses to upgrade to new equipment and reduce their ongoing costs, using the savings from SIP to pay for improved systems
  • Project managing, not selling – Unlike a lot of companies selling their wares, we pride ourselves in offering a professional, friendly, consultative approach. Listening to your requirements allows us to make recommendations that others would not and to give you value that you won’t get anywhere else
  • Building relationships - We want you to have confidence in us and so we take time to get to know you and your needs before we begin. Our focus is on long-term relationships with customers; these are always far more profitable for both sides than a short-term sale
  • You’re our best customer – We want you to be our best customer and so we make your first steps as rewarding as possible. As soon as you pick up the ‘phone or fill out an enquiry form, we will ensure that you get the information you need to make the right decision.
  • Making it wasy to understand – OK, you got us, ‘SIP trunking’ is a jargon term but it was what you were looking for to get here! Our aim is to clearly explain the benefits of this to your business. Our customers like that they know what they’re getting and are in control
What should you do next?

If you have a question, please give us a call on 0116 200 6100

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Our customers are commonly looking for:

  • Adding to the bottom line – businesses are always looking for ways to become more proiftable. SIP offers an easy way to add to a businesses bottom line
  • Business continuity – a recent survey by AXA Insurance found that after an office disaster such as a fire or flood, 80% of businesses never reopen or close within 18 months. SIP trunking means that calls can be rerouted elsewhere immediately
  • Multi-site rationalisation – If your business has multiple sites with ISDN connections into each, you can reduce the number of ISDN connections that your business requires and also reduce your maintenance costs. At the remote sites, you are left with just the cost of an IP connection and the handsets that you need
  • Seasonality - SIP Trunks are valuable for businesses with seasonal voice capacity requirements where more lines can be quickly and easily implemented with no long term commitments, for example when running sales campaigns
  • Moving Office - You can keep your existing number, even when moving out of the area, saving you costs on printed company literature and stationery whilst maintaining the perception that you still have a presence in the area you’ve moved from.We can easily transfer your old or existing numbers too so that you can avoid expensive Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) or call diversion charges
  • Flexible number display – You can decide which number you want to display.This is great for contact centres

Delivering savings – every line that you move to SIP with us will save you £2,000 in line rental & call costs over the next 5 years

Demonstrating your return on investment – before you make the decision to buy a telephone system for your business, it is important to consider the long-term consequences. We will demonstrate your return on capital at the proposal stage to ensure that you can make the best possible decision

Improving your profitability – we will demonstrate how our system will improve your profitability through increased capacity to handle business, less downtime, improved availability of staff and lower maintenance costs

Consulting on your broadband capacity – we will take your broadband capacity into consideration when we begin the process and advise you of how to get the right service at the right cost. We will ensure that a transfer to SIP doesn’t mean compromising call quality. We’ll also help eligible businesses to take advantage of the government’s £3,000 grant towards superfast broadband

Reducing overall costs – we will demonstrate how our services will reduce the ongoing costs to your business, saving staff & maintenance time as well as improving the availability and speed of access of information

Maximising the value of staff time – staff are the most valuable resource of a business. We will demonstrate how you can gain an increased return on your staffing costs through their increased availability and speed to access fellow staff and customers

How can SIP Trunking benefit my business?

There are many benefits of SIP Trunking in business:

  • The cost savings can be huge – businesses can typically save 60-75% in line rental & then take advantage of calls being routed through the Internet, saving ongoing call costs
  • SIP is not only more cost effective per line but can be implemented in hours rather than weeks
  • Telephone numbers can be used from anywhere in the world delivered to your system
  • If you are moving out of exchange area you can keep your numbers with no diverts
  • You can increase and decrease the amount of lines you have on a monthly basis.

How resilient is SIP?

Provided you have a good data circuit (broadband,leased line etc) very resilient. If you don’t, there is a £3,000 government grant available for businesses in 50 cities to improve broadband connectivity.

What’s the quality like?

With the correct data speed you and your customers would not know any difference to the quality of an ISDN call.

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10 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

We take time to listen – many communications companies prefer to broadcast rather than communicate. We like the old adage: “You have two ears & one mouth & should use them in that proportion”. We not only want to know your needs but also your constraints as these can limit your choices if we don’t identify them early

We are the friendliest company you will meet – we hope you’ll find this out for yourself but there’s a reason we’re in the communications business: we love communication

We take responsibility in the long-term – we are motivated to solve your problems and to take ownership of any problems you may have if faults occur

We offer project managers & not salespeople – when we come and see customers, it is to gain an understanding of the practicalities of their organisation, to understand what you need and to advise on the best solution. Our project managers stay with the project until we hand over to our maintenance engineers after the systems are live

We have our own maintenance division – we have a team of engineers, some of whom provide a constant reference point in the office while the others travel to customers to help with their problems. Who’d have thought that supporting customers in the long-term would be considered novel nowadays?

We have highly-skilled engineers – all of our engineers have been trained in-house. They are technically excellent and are sociable too

We come to you – rather than having remote support that frustrates you, we will send out a real person to fix your problem and to provide you with advice to ensure you’re better off in the future

We hold stock for your needs – we recognise that needs change and things happen. We hold stock to be able to react to needs and to ensure that faulty equipment does not disrupt the smooth-running of your business

They love our demonstration room – we have our own demonstration and training room for customers to understand how business telephone systems can work for them and to better meet their needs before they make an important decision

Wow! You are thorough – We like to give time and attention to customers that demand it from us. You’ve taken time to read all of these reasons & we recognise you have an eye to detail. We will match your approach with our communication with you

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