Telephone Systems For Schools.

A telephone system should be able to grow & adapt to your business needs, enhancing your customer's experience, forging stronger & more profitable relationships through ease of contact.

Why Would You Choose Us?

Unlike a lot of companies ‘selling’ systems, we pride ourselves in offering a professional, friendly, consultative approach. Listening to your requirements allows us to bespoke the correct solution that fits your business needs.

We want you to have confidence in the systems we choose and so we take time to get to know you and your needs before we begin. Our focus is on long-term relationships with customers; these are always far more profitable for both sides than a short-term sale.

We want you to be our best customer and so we make your first steps as rewarding as possible. As soon as you pick up the ‘phone or fill out an enquiry form, we will ensure that you get the information you need to make the right decision.

RDC Communications worked with ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation) from up to the end of October 2014 when ESPO decided that they would no longer run a contract for telephone systems, as they didn’t have the expertise within their organisation. (In fact we are in the current ESPO catalogue on page 163, for reference). RDC Communications were proud to have won this contract, meeting their rigorous tendering process requirements and high standard of delivery. RDC, of course, continues with this very high standard of service and care for all customers, to ensure that our customers have piece of mind that they are dealing with a reputable company with all required safeguards in place.

Reasons Schools Choose Us

RDC Communications have been supplying nurseries, schools & colleges since 1999. The company has installed systems across the Midlands and we have compiled detailed feedback on why our customers choose us.The main reasons why schools choose us are:

  • We offer a personal service
  • Our ESPO Accreditation speaks volumes
  • We have experience in installing systems from nursery schools through to large academies & colleges – our expertise in the educational arena means that we have helped organisations from 2 handsets to 350. This gives us an understanding of how different educational establishments work and what they need

The Benefits of the Right Schools Communications System

  • Better call handling - callers get through to the right contact first time, and have the option to leave a message
  • Easier communications for teachers and staff - ensure all staff have access to communications both in the classroom and around the school grounds
  • Timely notification to parents – SMS notification about closures, keeping parents informed with recorded messages
  • A homework hotline - Equip teachers with broadband telephony to provide additional support to students after school
  • A means to reduce carbon footprint – One local consolidated supplier for all your ICT needs including calls, lines, broadband and your phone system
  • Less stress and reduced cost - with better communication
  • Connecting teachers, students, parents and administrators – this includes notifying parents, students & teachers of events like teacher training days, open evenings & health & welfare or transport issues enabling the use of landlines, wireless ‘phones, mobile radios, IP phones, SMS, email, PA systems & mobile phones
  • Supporting the use of technology in the classroom to enhance learning – where it is possible to hold lessons that are media-rich, the engagement of children can be increased. Lessons enhanced through the use of voice, data and video to connect pupils to the rest of the world can open out the experiences & imagination of children
  • Expanding distance and extra-curricular learning opportunities - smart telephone systems increase the availability of courses & course materials to a wider audience and at a wider scope of time than just opening hours. Systems can help to provide virtual classrooms to enable students to learn wherever they are
  • Enhancing the safety of your school - schools are entrusted with the lives of their pupils & staff and that is a responsibility which is always taken seriously. Modern telephone systems ensure that information on the whereabouts and safety of children can be passed instantaneously as well as allowing emergency situations to be broadcast
  • Smart call handling – this means that calls can be taken with the minimum of labour and routed to follow people wherever they are, minimising the time people spend waiting to be connected only to find that the person isn’t there & the time spent picking up & responding to messages
What should you do next?

If you have a question, please give us a call on 0116 200 6100

The most important thing when it comes to investing in telecoms is to find a provider that meets your needs.

Please call us or fill out the enquiry form below & one of our project managers will call you and help you to get good advice quickly and easily.

Please feel free to ask, we won’t bite!

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Although each school is different, there are a number of common objectives that we help schools, colleges & academies to deal with:

  • Safeguarding
  • Improving communication infrastructure
  • Managing costs
  • Saving staff time
  • Ensuring installers & engineers are CRB checked
  • Giving the school flexibility to offer a wider range of services over the whole day & into the night

There are a number of ways in which RDC Communications can add value. These include:

Demonstrating your return on investment – before you make the decision to buy a telephone system for your business, it is important to consider the long-term consequences. We will demonstrate your return on capital at the proposal stage to ensure that you can make the best possible decision

Improving your profitability – we will demonstrate how our system will improve your profitability through increased capacity to handle business, less downtime, improved availability of staff and lower maintenance costs

Reducing overall costs – we will demonstrate how our systems will reduce the ongoing costs to your business, saving staff & maintenance time as well as improving the availability and speed of access of information

Maximising the value of staff time – staff are the most valuable resource of a business. We will demonstrate how you can gain an increased return on your staffing costs through their increased availability and speed to access fellow staff and customers

Dedicated account manager – to make telephone systems installations & work for schools work right, it’s important that the people you talk to know what’s happening with your school. We will assign you one account manager & all of our staff will be aware of your school’s needs

How do I choose the correct telephone system for my school?

As consultants, we will take the time to listen to your requirements and bespoke a solution that meets both your current needs and future growth requirements whilst remaining cost-effective. We have a range of customers from nurseries with just a few staff to larger colleges whose facilities may be used around the clock and whose infrastructure needs require a greater range of insight & flexibility. We feel that our experience will help you to make the right decision for your school.

Can we lease a telephone system?

Yes you can. Certain schools & nurseries have budgets in place that our lease arrangements can be sensitive to. We can provide the option to upgrade at the end of the term of the lease.

How do you project manage the installation?

Your dedicated project manager will ensure your requirements are agreed and implemented to the highest level by our fully trained installation engineers from conception to completion of the project.

What about sales after care?

We offer full support contracts to ensure the continuous smooth running of your telephone system. We can usually diagnose any problems remotely, but our fully trained engineers will visit your site if necessary.

What about user training?

We offer full user training for your new telephone system on-site or alternatively in our demonstration suite at our RDC offices.

Although ESPO is no longer offering telephony, are you still able to offer an ESPO discount?

Yes. We will continue to deliver the same service as if you were an ESPO customer.

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10 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

We take time to listen – many communications companies prefer to broadcast rather than communicate. We like the old adage: “You have two ears & one mouth & should use them in that proportion”. We not only want to know your needs but also your constraints as these can limit your choices if we don’t identify them early

We are the friendliest company you will meet – we hope you’ll find this out for yourself but there’s a reason we’re in the communications business: we love communication

We take responsibility in the long-term – we are motivated to solve your problems and to take ownership of any problems you may have if faults occur

We offer project managers & not salespeople – when we come and see customers, it is to gain an understanding of the practicalities of their organisation, to understand what you need and to advise on the best solution. Our project managers stay with the project until we hand over to our maintenance engineers after the systems are live

We have our own maintenance division – we have a team of engineers, some of whom provide a constant reference point in the office while the others travel to customers to help with their problems. Who’d have thought that supporting customers in the long-term would be considered novel nowadays?

We have highly-skilled engineers – all of our engineers have been trained in-house. They are technically excellent and are sociable too

We come to you – rather than having remote support that frustrates you, we will send out a real person to fix your problem and to provide you with advice to ensure you’re better off in the future

We hold stock for your needs – we recognise that needs change and things happen. We hold stock to be able to react to needs and to ensure that faulty equipment does not disrupt the smooth-running of your business

They love our demonstration room – we have our own demonstration and training room for customers to understand how business telephone systems can work for them and to better meet their needs before they make an important decision

Wow! You are thorough – We like to give time and attention to customers that demand it from us. You’ve taken time to read all of these reasons & we recognise you have an eye to detail. We will match your approach with our communication with you

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