RDC Utilities – Business Energy.

RDC Delivering another great service to our customers!

Reducing your business energy prices!

Get the job done! – let us reduce your business energy tariffs and fix them at the current lowest prices.

Already in contract up to 2019?  No Problem – We can secure today’s cheapest rates by forward ordering them for you.

Which supplier?  We will run the rates by the industry’s largest players and always find the best deal for you – leaving you time to run your business!

What other benefits do I get?  When your contract starts you could also save on our other services such as telephone maintenance and telephone lines and minutes!

Is it complex?  Definitely not – you don’t even need to get the calculator out! – Forward your latest gas and electricity bills over to us with the  current contract ‘end date(s)’. We’ll do the rest!

You are under no obligation, we only want to deliver another great service to our customers!

How to use our free service? –  Simply forward your information & bills to us at accounts@rdccom.co.uk and we will offer you the perfect energy deal for your business!



What should you do next?

If you have a question, please give us a call on 0116 200 6100

The most important thing when it comes to investing in telecoms is to find a provider that meets your needs.

Please call us or fill out the enquiry form below & one of our project managers will call you and help you to get good advice quickly and easily.

Please feel free to ask, we won’t bite!

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Case Studies

If you would like to know more about how we might be able to meet your needs, see how we’ve helped
similar companies in our case studies

  • Ian Broom

    How a Grant Gave Weboo 7% More Billable Hours

    ”Weboo's work with large files & its reliance on the Internet caused bottlenecks that a £3,000 Superfast Broadband grant solved immediately....“

  • Harley Davidson Garage – Uppingham

    ”How we replaced an expensive & unreliable system reduced line rental costs by £1,200 per annum & call costs by £2,400 per annum....“

  • Emma Mills

    How Mi PA used Superfast Broadband Vouchers

    ”"It’s been probably one of the best things that has happened to us this year"...“

10 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

We take time to listen – many communications companies prefer to broadcast rather than communicate. We like the old adage: “You have two ears & one mouth & should use them in that proportion”. We not only want to know your needs but also your constraints as these can limit your choices if we don’t identify them early

We are the friendliest company you will meet – we hope you’ll find this out for yourself but there’s a reason we’re in the communications business: we love communication

We take responsibility in the long-term – we are motivated to solve your problems and to take ownership of any problems you may have if faults occur

We offer project managers & not salespeople – when we come and see customers, it is to gain an understanding of the practicalities of their organisation, to understand what you need and to advise on the best solution. Our project managers stay with the project until we hand over to our maintenance engineers after the systems are live

We have our own maintenance division – we have a team of engineers, some of whom provide a constant reference point in the office while the others travel to customers to help with their problems. Who’d have thought that supporting customers in the long-term would be considered novel nowadays?

We have highly-skilled engineers – all of our engineers have been trained in-house. They are technically excellent and are sociable too

We come to you – rather than having remote support that frustrates you, we will send out a real person to fix your problem and to provide you with advice to ensure you’re better off in the future

We hold stock for your needs – we recognise that needs change and things happen. We hold stock to be able to react to needs and to ensure that faulty equipment does not disrupt the smooth-running of your business

They love our demonstration room – we have our own demonstration and training room for customers to understand how business telephone systems can work for them and to better meet their needs before they make an important decision

Wow! You are thorough – We like to give time and attention to customers that demand it from us. You’ve taken time to read all of these reasons & we recognise you have an eye to detail. We will match your approach with our communication with you

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